Saturday, July 31, 2010

Easing back in

My draft and I are nearing the end of our self-imposed separation. We've missed each other's company, but this time has been good for us, I think.

The past few days' writing time has been devoted to prep work for diving back into revision. I've read revision tips, added to my list of things I plan to consider about the novel, and played with the chart I use as a calendar and chapter tracker for the plot's events.

Yes, this is a dragged-out process, perhaps unnecessarily so for a novel that's going to end up fairly short (rather like its intended readers). But I think that's wise. By the time I finish, I'll probably be a different person from when I started; I'll certainly be a different writer. If you want to serve as a beta reader for your own work, you'd best do some growing during the process.

I'll be away until Tuesday, enjoying my family's company and celebrating my grandparents' sixtieth (yeah, sixtieth!) anniversary. My writing for those days will consist of personal journaling and probably lots of unbidden thoughts about my WIP. When I get back, it's revision time!

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