Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Less-talked-about books

We all know what book everyone was talking about yesterday. But around the little table in the kids' section, no one said much.

Several families came in from the rain with their elementary aged kids. One girl, probably an early middle schooler, picked up Michael Buckley's new Nerds graphic novel. Another, slightly younger, grabbed what looked like an old-fashioned middle grade novel. I never saw the cover. Both girls' books stayed open in their laps and held their attention for about an hour. Nearby, a sixish-year-old looked silently at one Barbie book after another, deliberating carefully as she chose each.

"Is this okay? Can I leave them with you for a bit?" one adult member of the group asked another.
"Are you kidding?" was the reply. "This is a Bubbie's dream!"

It wasn't so bad for a bookseller, either.

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