Friday, February 11, 2011

Mind status: open

Guys, I just read Infinite Days. It's about Lenah, who used to be a... well, she has to fit into a modern boarding school when she's been asleep for a century because of an ancient ritual to make her stop being a....


Is there cheesiness? Oh, there's cheesiness. But as I've said before, I'm a sucker for stories that do anything weird with time, and this Rip Van Winkle Used to Be Immortal But Now Goes to High School tale definitely counts, and I had fun with it, even if I sped through the mercifully brief vampire-centric parts.

So I can be convinced to choose a novel that has something to do with vampires (and isn't even a Fat Vampire-style spoof). Moving on now to Empire State, a graphic novel, which is a genre I do read but should read more often.

I don't know, guys. Those frequent page-turns can get pretty strenuous.


  1. Why did she irritate me so? I didn't finish. I came really close. I don't think I've put down a book that close to the end in YEARS. And actually, I didn't put it down, I kind of threw it away from me. It was the not talking to her supposed good friend and telling him the truth that really got to me, I think, though I'm not totally sure why. Maybe some day I'll revisit the end....


  2. I can see that. I sort of wasn't sure what role he was supposed to play. Actually, I thought for a bit it was supposed to be a Pride and Prejudice retelling, with its Wickham and Bennett references, and that would've made Tony the Mr. Darcy. It was a little surprising for that not to play out.