Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to infringe on Mo Willems' copyright* and other lessons from the Boston Book Festival

*reference to copyright infringement copyright Mo Willems

-The man who brought us the Pigeon, Cat the Cat, Knuffle Bunny, Elephant, and Piggie is at least as hilarious in person.

-You can draw the Pigeon even if you can't draw. Mo will even teach you how, copyright be darned.

-Differences between a child's Pigeon and Mo's Pigeon constitute the child's drawing style and are to be encouraged, even by a Caldecott honoree.

-It is possible for the Boston Book Festival and good weather to coincide.

-When such a weather phenomenon coincides with a grilled cheese truck phenomenon, the BPL cafe becomes a much quicker place to get lunch.

-Authors of novels that aren't really "humor books" can create a substantive, informative panel on "Funny Kids' Fiction."

-Authors who grew up on oral tradition, like Julia Alvarez, can provide great insight into what makes a "reluctant reader."

-I really need to read Meg Wolitzer's The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman.

-Chris Raschka is an excellent deadpanner.

-Linda Urban is excellent at taking kids seriously, as when an eight-year-old audience member requests advice on overcoming writer's block.

And finally, one lesson that was purely review:
-There are so many books. There is so little time.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the Boston Book Festival, too! I went to the steampunk and edgy YA sessions - though I was sad to miss the funny kid's fiction session! I also missed out on the grilled cheese because that line was loooong. Boston readers love grilled cheese, apparently.

    I will meet you this Wednesday at our reading at the Brookline Public Library.


  2. Thanks, Alisa! I was torn between Funny Kids' Fiction and the edgy YA session; I hope it was as interesting as it sounded.

    Looking forward to reading with you in a few days!

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