Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have gazed upon the face of the Once-Ler.

I am a blogger. I speak for the books.
The Lorax: The Movie? I know how it looks
when the Lorax sells products like Once-Lers hawk Thneeds,
when the Truffulas fall, and the ads grow like weeds.
Well, that part's commercial, ironic, and sad.
But believe it or not, guys, the movie's not bad.
It has logical leaps, and--hey, spoiler alert--
the trees are brought back so Zac Efron can flirt.
But The Lorax's theme is the same at its root,
though the bears never mention a Barbaloot Suit.
It still shows a plan that  seems sunny at first,
which grows and destroys till the bubble must burst.
It shows the regret that can come after greed
and the hope that empowers one Truffula seed.
The movie's about what the book is about.
And hey, even better? The book's selling out!

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