Sunday, April 22, 2012

Springfield: An excuse for Seuss

The Sheraton filled with the six hundred voices
of tellers of stories concerned with their choices
in structure and balance, description and theme,
decisions enough to make anyone scream!
Instead, though, we listened, and richer we are
for hearing from Bliss, Yolen, Messner, and Zarr,
from agents and editors. Friends. Volunteers.
From newbies and those who've been published for years.
We pondered why characters feel what they feel,
and how we can tell if they're keeping it real.
Critiquers critiqued and academies met,
and books were re-outlined and new goals were set.
Now everyone's talking of writing tricks learned,
of questions well-answered and power-naps earned.
The weekend's appearing in tweet after tweet.
And to think that we saw it near Mulberry Street!


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