Thursday, June 14, 2012

A sample of ChLa

The Children's Literature Association's 39th Annual Conference is conveniently located at Simmons, so I was able to put in an appearance today. Which means I got to hear about fifteen speakers from all over the English-speaking world. The topics I learned more about included but were not limited to...

-conceptions of girlhood in German- and English-language novels (including good old Anne of Green Gables, which was an excellent way to start the day)
-whitewashing and white default both in and on YA novels
-adolescent realism and its consumption here and in Australia and New Zealand
-balance in the writing life and the writing-and-teaching life
-Sendak and Steig, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Pullman and Milton

While I was at each of those panel discussions, there were six others going on. As far as I noticed, none of the sessions were repeated. And that's one day of a three-day conference. There are a lot of smart people out there.

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