Thursday, September 6, 2012

I must, I must... Ms. Blume or bust!

Judy Blume posted yesterday about her experience with breast cancer. Her post handles this very adult subject, this sensitive and scary subject, the same way  her books have always handled subjects that were sensitive and possibly scary for kids and teens. She's open. She's funny. She conveys that the disease, not the body, is the frightening part.

Judy also emphasizes that her responses and decisions thus far were right for her. The role she's played in so many people's understanding of their physicality doesn't make her own any less personal or individual. I'm impressed to realize that her diagnosis was fairly fresh news when I heard her joyful Clemens Lecture; I, at least, saw nary a sign that anything was wrong.

Unsurprising statement 1: Cancer sucks.

Unsurprising statement 2: Judy Blume rocks.

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