Monday, January 28, 2013

We like them! We really like them!

The One and Only Ivan won the Newbery! This is Not My Hat won the Caldecott! A Goucher grad racked up another Newbery Honor! Staff recs from my store are represented in the Newbery, Printz Honor, Morris, and Alex winners! Jon Klassen's going to give a hilarious speech!  Drama got a shout-out! So did a Pete the Cat book! This Aristotle and Dante book looks totally worth reading! My coworkers are as excited as I was about this youth media awards thing! It seems like customers are too! (And we'll have the rest of the books really, really soon!)

There are certainly other books I'd have loved to see recognized, and I'll keep recommending them, awards or no. But I spent a lot of this morning doing the IRL version of \0/ as my colleague read results off Twitter and Hypable.

Let the library-holding begin!


  1. Someone tweeted, and I agree, that the ALA YMA announcements are totally exciting and totally boring at the same time.

  2. A description that fits most highly anticipated events that begin with elevator music.