Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chapter 1 all over again

I'm back from celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The holiday puts a lot of emphasis on reflection. What was important this year, and what do we hope will happen in the coming year? What was a blessing, what are we proud of, what did we overcome, and what do we want to handle better the next time it comes around?

We could call it a new year at any point. (In fact, we'll do it again in January, though let's be honest: more things begin in September than in January.) But I tend to see everything as a story, which means I buy into this stuff. Think about it--if the characters in a book spent two days singing about the year to come and eating apples and honey in hopes for metaphorical sweetness, wouldn't that mean something?

I'm not saying I know what it means. But whether or not it's a new year for you, this seems a good time to wish you a near future full of good friends and good family, good work and good fun, good present and good prospects, good reading and good writing.

Have a happy next chapter.

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