Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's possible I need to get out more.

I dreamed last night that Go! Go! Go!, the pop-up book by Roxie Munro, was in my to-read pile, making all the books on top of it fall over. In the dream, the book made fire truck noises every time I opened it, which was a problem because I wanted to read it around three in the morning. It was very important that I spend my imaginary insomniac time (which followed a bit of actual insomniac time) getting this important reading done, but the dream didn't last long enough for me to resolve the dilemma.

This may be the result of eating Mexican chocolate ice cream before bed.


  1. Have to admit: I googled, and got your blog. I'm the author of "Go!Go!Go!" (Roxie Munro) and Sept 5 - the day you posted this - is my birthday! So it's fun, to me, that you, a kid lit person, dreamt about my book. Thanks! It made my day. (And chocolate ice cream is as good an incentive as any...)

  2. Well, happy birthday, Roxie! I only wish I had dreamed about the book more accurately!