Sunday, April 12, 2020

Things I've learned lately

  • Focusing on reading (or on anything) is hard when a situation like this is new, but it gets easier.
  • A little extra writing time is a good thing.
  • Restricting yourself can teach you a lot about physical description via what you want to do and can't. For instance, my instincts have taught me that "she pressed her hand to her mouth" is a realistic way to convey that a character is stressed out.
  • The world of e-books and digital galleys is a useful one and a complicated one. (I will have learned more things about it soon.)
  • It is possible to be busy, to feel busy, or both in any situation. It's also possible to create a highly structured routine.
  • Meeting, reading, and talking is great over Zoom and the like. Singing in unison is less great, but sometimes still worth it.
  • Holidays that aren't perfect are extra-memorable.
  • Creating something silly really is good for mental health, as others have realized. (On a related note, Parodies for Charities proceeds are currently going to Americares.)
  • Breathing with a bandana over your nose will fog up your glasses.
  • I own more comfy t-shirts than I realized.
  • There are a lot of side streets I hadn't explored within walking distance of my home.
  • I'm hugely lucky in a huge number of ways.
  • There are amazing people in hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, pharmacies. Driving garbage trucks and delivery vehicles. Teaching classes online, livestreaming art, clapping or singing out windows. Doing essential or enriching things I hadn't thought of, and probably things I still haven't thought of.
I suspect there's more learning ahead, both while this is going on and when we try to get back to normal. Wishing you good health, good books, and good people to connect with.